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_Fav C14A1695 v2Learn What Mid-Life Men Are Thinking When it Comes to Love, Sex and Commitment

  • What makes men commit?
  • How can you help him be the man he really wants to be?
  • What it can mean to your relationship when a man feels (and acts) his best.
  • And more!

What They Say About Me

Jonathon Aslay has done the women of the world a great service….he has cracked the code to “understanding men.” If you’re ready to have a relationship that really works, dive into his vast wealth of wisdom on men, women and relationships.
Arielle Ford, Author of Wabi Sabi Love
Coaches I love,
Jonathon Aslay at is a teddy bear sweet guy who’ll help you from a man’s point of view so you can feel encouraged.
Rori Raye, Have the Relationship You Want

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A Rant On The Nice Guy

I have great respect for the man who treats a woman with kindness, care and respect. Most women would agree that a man who shows up with his actions matching

Why Are You Still Single?

Recently a woman asked me why I am still single. While the question sometimes annoys me, it's a fair question given what I do. In fact, the question most annoys

Dating Is Not A Numbers Game

Careless dating is real and it happens all the time. To treat others in any form of a disposable manner isn’t the best way to find love. Most people think

Your Online Dating Profile: Conscious Effort Attracts Love

The online world can be a messy thing. Throw in online dating and it adds a whole new way of relating to others you may be interested in. Which brings

Don’t Give Your Power Away

Don’t Give Your Power Away Finding the right man to love has more to do with how you feel about yourself than with how someone else feels about you. Everyday

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Communication & Dating: Why Banter Is A Good Place To Start

Want to know how good communication will be with your new guy? Doing this can help predict whether you'll enjoy great communication in the future.

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